Hick [noun]

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When two of the tellers and the bank officers went home to eat the way they did in those hick burgs.

Hes something of a hick, you know, and especially in regard to this Sherry and midnight cabaret stuff.

Some experiments by John Hick give for the friction of these leathers the following formula.

She put me in a hick'ry basket when I on'y a day and a half old, with nuthin' on but mah belly band an' di'per.

Tell Mr. Hick to call up the police, let them know we have found the missing boy and have them send out a doctor.

Is a son of Hick-a-poo or Kick-a-poo, formerly a prominent chief of the tribe.

De black ashes, left on de bottom of de hick'ry fire, was leached for lye, what was biled wid grease to make our soap.

She made a sort of sody out of de white ashes f'um de top of a hick'ry fire and mixed it wid vinegar for headaches.

Chestnut and hick'ry wood made de bes' fires and dere was allus plenty of good kindlin' to git 'em started.

"Sounds like one of them damn hick towns in California," said Smokey, the gambler.