Hickories [noun]

Definition of Hickories:

bat, stick

Synonyms of Hickories:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hickories:


Sentence/Example of Hickories:

Of course he was contemplating the application of a "two year old hickory," as he went on at the rate of two forty.

There was a quiet, cynical smile on his face as he sat there beating a tattoo on his leggings with a hickory twig.

Coal is best, but hickory saplings, chopped about two feet long, make a good steaming heat.

Holding out his hand, white as a woman's, a diamond flashed on the ring-finger as large as a hickory nut.

Without a word, Jim's right hand crept stealthily inside his hickory shirt, where a button was missing.

Perhaps it is well here to explain that ordinarily such a cabin-door merely jams shut against the spring of a wand of hickory.

I was crowding a ball down my rifle with its hickory rod when I felt a shove at my arm and heard a voice at my ear.

That old fallen hickory will do for your dressing-room, and there are places to hang up your clothes.

He passed through the hickory grove and turned into the broad lane leading to the lake.

Its flavor can not compare with that of the pecan, hickory, or black walnut.