Hideousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hideousness:

Hideousness struggles under the natural law of elimination, which necessarily renders it hostile.

Their essential hideousness comes, I take it, from their essential and most abominable hypocrisy.

There was a small sofa which stood opposite the door naked and unashamed, in all the hideousness of the original, ugly upholstery.

But simply to the outward eye the slums of New York have not the monotonous hideousness of our English "warrens of the poor."

He has the hideousness of the prehistoric monsters whose reduced descendant he is, but he is gentler than the dove.

Life was showing itself to her in this experience, as seen through the lens of a quickened imagination, in all its hideousness.

They are all heads and tails, and then, not the toss of a copper to choose between the two ends, as regards hideousness.

It had none of the dismal and monotonous hideousness and the hopelessness of a Bethnal Green and a Whitechapel.

He too peered up at it, and for the first time its hideousness and the cold-blooded cruelty of its design struck him.

Japan is rapidly becoming the rival in vulgarity and hideousness of Chicago.