Hides [verb]

Definition of Hides:

conceal; remain unseen

Opposite/Antonyms of Hides:

Sentence/Example of Hides:

He hands a lady out; her pale blue silk domino hides her effectually from the inquisitive gaze of the crowd.

Naw, I sold my outfit to a goggle-eyed pilgrim that has an idea buffalo hides is prime all summer.

They bring corn and pulse, bacon and sweetmeats, to the sea-coast, hides and tallow also at times.

Quickly I lean over; the open book in my hands entirely hides the keys.

She too hides somewhere, deep down, a poor fettered thing that would gladly join the revel, if it dared.

The usual size of such districts in early times seems to have been 300, 600 or 1200 hides.

Poor Maranne heaves a sign that speaks volumes on the great grief which he hides in the depths of his heart.

Even in fustian garments nobility hides with difficulty from keen and suspicious eyes.

She hides her faults, without intending it, in the midst of her first joys, of her first parties of pleasure.

He hides in the grass, and his bite is poisonous; but I'm glad to say he doesn't kill birds.