Hierarchical [adjective]

Definition of Hierarchical:

characteristic of a ranked order

Synonyms of Hierarchical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hierarchical:

Sentence/Example of Hierarchical:

And you can imagine how noses were flattened against the windows to see all this hierarchical swelldom.

These half-caste gentlemen of leisure fall into a system of hierarchical gradations.

The principle of status runs through the entire hierarchical system, both visible and invisible.

But the following facts must not be overlooked:—First, the new conception of the Church was not yet a hierarchical one.

Consequently we find nothing more than traces of the hierarchical conception of the Church in Tertullian.

There has never been any revival in the Church, without the hierarchical or radical sects immediately endeavouring to disturb it.

The Gothic cathedral remains an imperishable monument of hierarchical wealth, power, devotion.

Mixing in politics, these became leaders of an anti-hierarchical and at last anti-ecclesiastical movement.

Their function is not a permanent one, nor is a hierarchical order of advancement provided for.

We have been transplanted, and for us the long hierarchical succession of history is broken.