Hifalutin [adjective]

Definition of Hifalutin:


Opposite/Antonyms of Hifalutin:

Sentence/Example of Hifalutin:

Perez here, he's got such hifalutin' notions, that nothin' less than a circus bill 'll do him.

No, not fer a considerbul spell lessen we has one grand, hifalutin' tornader.

The stuffed buckram of Johnsonese had been succeeded by the mincing hifalutin of Mrs. Anne Radcliffe and her like.

I fed and bedded your hifalutin' chickens though I'm sort of uneasy around that one high-steppin' rooster.

Mather, in his "Magnalia," indulges in a strain of eulogy toward this gentleman that we should now call hifalutin.

He said at the time that he knew she'd bring him bad luck—she being his thirteenth—and she did, she was that hifalutin.

"That's her hifalutin way of putting on the dog, nurse," Doctor Parris grinned wickedly.

Nor, Im jes er plain ole biznes man,—I ain got no fightin sense like dese rip snortin, hifalutin solger boys.

He kept telling himself that Sophy was being hifalutin in addition to being rash.

That paper, though clever, always seemed to him intolerably hifalutin'!