Highballs [noun]

Definition of Highballs:

object used for drinking liquids

Synonyms of Highballs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Highballs:


Sentence/Example of Highballs:

Having completed her quorum, and distributed her tickets, Mrs. Neff made ready to depart by attacking her highball again.

She put out her hand to him, but he did not see it; he set off to find some one to lead him to a Scotch highball.

Say, they had a highball or that,—all he had to do was to drop the tiniest speck from the little vial into the drink.

I believe you had reached the highball incident in your recital.

It is not particularly significant that I started the summer on Highball and ended it on Budweiser.

There was even a nightclub in Lunar City where one highball cost the equivalent of—say—a week's pay for a secretary like Babs.

I shall remember it as the place where they charged a dollar and a half for a highball and fifty cents for a lemonade.

Most of the men he knew paid such visits, dropping in somewhere for tea or a highball on the way uptown.

A gink with a long, scrawny neck put down his highball and rose from the table.

Lanze Degbrend summoned a robot, had it pour a highball, and gave it to the Proconsul.