Highboy [noun]

Definition of Highboy:

chest of drawers

Synonyms of Highboy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Highboy:


Sentence/Example of Highboy:

When Hortense and Highboy entered, only the embers of the fire were left on the hearth in Grandmother's room.

"Hello," said Highboy, and at once Lowboy's eyes opened wide and both the Firedogs growled.

Hortense and Highboy crept quietly to their room while the others disappeared below.

Quickly unclasping the charm, she reached down to Highboy and said, "Swallow this, quick!"

It was so late that Fergus had no time to see to the drawers which refused to open in the lowboy and the highboy.

He went to the lower drawer of a tall "highboy" and, from the tumbled mass of apparel therein took one of his own night garments.

You got a pretty nice highboy over there, Ringentaub, for a reproduction.

Taking Highboy, who was still shaking, by the hand, she led him up the stairs.

She took Highboy by the hand, and they walked cautiously down the hall.

At the top of the stairs Highboy paused and leaned over the bannisters.