Highbrow [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Highbrow:

"They recently let me join a highbrow mountain club; but when I start for the rocks I hesitate," Deering resumed.

They reckon they're highbrow frontier cavalry and I guess the trooper won't allow a girl held him up.

Weren't there to be any cakes and ale in New York simply because a highbrow happened to be mayor?

She had met him at some highbrow affair—it was a reception or some such social maelstrom—and, yes, his name was Bowles!

Well, symphony—more of the highbrow stuff, I guess you would say.

Mr. Bull was not a great scholar: some of the "highbrow" members of the Staff professed to despise his humble attainments.

I could see him296 preparin' to swap highbrow chat with Miss Hampton.

"That was a very highbrow statement of yours, Pen," he said, less harshly than usual.

Saving the life of a gink who, despite his brutal ways, belonged to the much-despised "highbrow" class.

Alec Connage, another frequent visitor, liked him in a vague way, but was afraid of him as a highbrow.