Highest [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Highest:

The whole aim is to secure the development of character by the expression of the highest elements of character.

We would classify these two departments in this way, though in the highest dramatic work elements of both phases are combined.

After breakfast I hurried off to the station, where I met the others, everybody being in the highest spirits.

The country is undulating and beautiful, mainly devoted to Grass, Wheat and Wood, and in the very highest condition.

The clerical staff in all the offices had combined and presented a petition in the highest quarter.

He never attended school a single day of his life, yet gradually rose by his own efforts to the highest military and civil honors.

He achieved his highest fame from his connection with the revision of the statutes of New York.

And the question would always remain if the highest honor would not have commanded confession.

In fact, they knew nothing of any of their neighbors; their lodgers were all people of the highest distinction, they assured Edna.

The highest price, £600 however was given twice for the violin now belonging to Mr. Plowden.