Highfalutin [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Highfalutin:

It’s like, I only get to make the highfalutin’ Rainer Maria Rilke references so long as I’m also making references to Homestar Runner.

He's the only one of these fellows I've tackled who didn't tell me a lot of highfalutin rot they wanted put into the article.

He hated the "highfalutin" bearing of these "furriners," who carried their chins aloft like masters of creation.

"An' you, Em, look more highfalutin' than a peacock," he replied.

Often he alluded to the opening for an American magazine, "not quite so highfalutin as the Atlantic nor so popular as Harper's."

I stuck to my colors—that's a highfalutin way of putting it—and I've got to pay the penalty.

A girl gets highfalutin up there, the Doc puts her in the Ego Alter room.

Too many wrong things, too many highfalutin' notions, too much just plain old hogwash.

I couldn't stand for your highfalutin excuses for being—well, never mind—we all get our off days.

The first appears in a Senate debate of 1841; highfalutin in a political speech of the same decade.