Highland [adjective]

Definition of Highland:

hilly; large

Synonyms of Highland:

Opposite/Antonyms of Highland:


Sentence/Example of Highland:

Highland gentlemen of every degree are mostly fond of Gillespie; while operatives from the Lowlands generally prefer plain Scotch.

Now, Highland regiments had fought in India for many a year before the Mutiny, and the kilt was no new thing in native eyes.

Of the Highland regiment nearly half were either killed or desperately wounded.

A Highland sergeant looks sorrowfully on the dying warrior, while two lions sleep at his feet.

Further south the coasts close in abruptly, and the straits are like a long Highland loch.

The house of Micah was like a feudal castle; the Benjamite war was like the strife of Highland clans.

He landed near a road by the side of which a Highland battalion was resting and came to ground without mishap.

The Highland smiths did such rough iron work as was needed for rural purposes.

He is as simple as a child, and really seems to believe that the Highland Brigade has won the war single-handed.

Sweet Highland girl, a very shower Of beauty is thy earthly dower!