Highlands [noun]

Definition of Highlands:

small hill

Synonyms of Highlands:

Opposite/Antonyms of Highlands:

Sentence/Example of Highlands:

There is no more beautiful section in Scotland than this, though its beauty is not the rugged scenery of the Highlands.

He won prizes for classics and for verse-writing, and the vacations he spent as a tutor in the western Highlands.

For the last five years I have been planning to come to these Highlands and dig in—where humanity is the scarcest.

A storm below the highlands of the Hudson, if it be introduced with an easterly wind, seldom lasts less than two days.

The mango has also been introduced from India, and has taken to the Shir Highlands as to a second home.

In the Highlands of Scotland, and in Ireland, stern destitution was experienced by the whole peasantry.

There are many Scotch people, mostly those born in the Highlands, who tell us much the same.

He also led a troop of horse from Dover to the Highlands, where he died of a wound, after fighting for the King.

The Alleghanies bear a striking geographic resemblance to the Highlands of Scotland, so famed in song and story.

He labored as a missionary in the Highlands until 1824, when he emigrated to Cape Breton.