Highly [adverb]

Definition of Highly:

very, well

Opposite/Antonyms of Highly:


Sentence/Example of Highly:

As this pandemic shows, we live in a highly networked world, and it’s unlikely that borders can remain shut indefinitely.

In 2017, when the first interstellar object was detected in our solar system, a highly respected Harvard astrophysicist suggested it might be a probe that was sent by aliens.

We’ve gathered selections of high quality, highly durable, excellently pigmented options to tackle any job.

That’s a highly suspect claim, given the slow rollout of testing here.

On October 5, Fortune is launching an online learning platform and community called Fortune Connect that will target mid-tier, vp and senior manager executives in a highly monetized way.

The tuberculosis bacterium and the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus are completely different pathogens, and vaccines are, by design, highly specific.

This is highly inefficient, and therefore overheating is still a major problem for most electronics.

To do that, the products featured on NTWRK are highly curated and exclusive.

The traditional model of highly strategized, rigid planning appears to be a thing of the past — and that may be for the best.

Options trading, of course, isn’t the only sector of finance where retail investors are competing against highly skilled pros.