Highness [noun]

Definition of Highness:

quality of being high

Synonyms of Highness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Highness:


Sentence/Example of Highness:

Mrs. Charmington hastened to spread the report that his Royal Highness was seriously smitten.

May it please your Transparent Highness, I've found out how the needles get into the haystacks.

Doubtless I should have been entrusted with letters for your highness were not the city in some confusion owing to the fighting.

You are found in the library engaged in a bold flirtation with her Highness's son, Prince Boris.

His Highness is about thirty-six years of age, short, thick set, wearing a slight moustache and his hair cropped very close.

I never intended it should be expensive to His Royal Highness.

That she suspects where they have gone is evidenced by the fact that she put your highness up to your last escapade.

I told your highness that the house is taken for a year; we know the lady lodges on the first story.

"It would seem that your highness does not believe me," said the count, in answer to her apparent indignation.

I hope this verification will dispel your royal highness' unjust suspicions against me.