Highwayman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Highwayman:

A beau highwayman and a miserable chimney sweeper were to be hanged together at Newgate for their respective deserts.

Upon my word, I saw her making eyes at your highwayman the night we had him here.

If you must be married, could you introduce no body into our Family but a Highwayman?

A captivating romance of love and chivalry—the adventures of a charming highwayman of the days of the English Pretender.

Receiving no reply, he proceeded to extricate Eleanor, with whose beauty the inflammable highwayman was instantly smitten.

The white nightcap was popped out like a rabbit's head, and as quickly popped back on hearing the highwayman's voice.

Nothing but the living highwayman and his skeleton brethren was visible upon the solitary spot.

Begad, ma'am, it's well nobody saw it but himself, or they might have thought that Dodd and Dempsey was turned highwayman.

He stared at the man, but some persons at this moment appearing in view, the highwayman precipitately rode off.

Were a general to be overpowered, and robbed by a highwayman, would he be less fit for the command of an army on that account?