Hilarious [adjective]

Definition of Hilarious:

very funny

Synonyms of Hilarious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hilarious:

Sentence/Example of Hilarious:

Browne’s hilarious, cringeworthy accounts of harvest logistical quandaries and late-night winery blunders that ruined thousands of dollars’ worth of wine are not unique, but they do illustrate the hard work involved in winemaking.

The packaging, which features a clipart-style image of an Aztec temple, reminded me of those hilarious, old-school hair gel tubs.

He was hilarious and never seemed like he wasn’t having a good time.

Instead, the Doobie Brothers’ lawyer scolded Murray in a short, hilarious letter that calls out the “Ghostbusters” and “Caddyshack” star for copyright infringement, but also lampoons his questionable acting decisions and fashion choices.

Angie McMahon, whom you may have seen on Netflix’s hilarious baking show Nailed It, found a solution while playing the Jaxbox game Whiplash with her family on Zoom.

"A gen'leman to speak to you, Miss Betty," she announced a moment later, looking in on the hilarious girls.

Next morning the girls were hilarious over the mirthful episode in the train the night before.

Im laughing over a new joke, said Wilder, in anything but an hilarious tone.

He was humble but full of dignity, serene though distressed, cheerful but not hilarious.

Thyrsis read this, and then shut the door upon the messenger-boy, and burst into wild, hilarious laughter.