Hillbillies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hillbillies:

The radio in the car was yangling with hillbilly songs, the only thing you can pick up in Ohio, but I didn't care.

Nobody had any money except the hillbilly and he went home for the three days and really lived it up.

Obviously a hillbilly, he carried a carbine as though it were a part of him.

Jeff, who knew that it's as easy to trade a hillbilly out of his hand as to separate him from his rifle, continued to work calmly.

He rolled his big white eyes at me: "What in the name of Uncle Hillbilly air you up to then?"

He was an unlettered hillbilly and, being ashamed of his own ignorance, he was shy toward other men.

We got a whole platoon to shoot out and I want to see that hillbilly do the same thing in the standing position.

Why should he assume a hillbilly family from way out in Oregon was any different?