Hilling [verb]

Definition of Hilling:

gather, pack; put on top of another

Synonyms of Hilling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hilling:

Sentence/Example of Hilling:

The narrow or hilling hoe follows the operation of the sprouting hoe.

As they grow, fill in the trench, and keep on hilling up the plants until the roots are very deep.

For hilling potatoes he reckoned, a beck is much better than a hoe: "leaves such a nice crumb on the ground."

He had theories as to hilling potatoes, or rather as to not hilling them until the ground could be drawn round the haulm wet.

It was said that the second hilling induced a second growth of roots higher up on the plant which produced small tubers.

Excessive hilling during cultivation intensifies the injurious effects of dry weather.

A little temporary hilling will do no harm, but the ground should be kept as level as possible.

If I set him to hoeing corn or hilling potatoes, I'd always find him stopping to chase hop-toads, or off after chip-squirrels.

Mr. Hilling, engineer, had prepared a scheme for draining the town.

The work of handling or hilling must be done only when the celery is dry and unfrozen.