Hillside [noun]

Definition of Hillside:

edge, exteriority of object

Synonyms of Hillside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hillside:

Sentence/Example of Hillside:

But for once—this once—for the white road over the flat and up the hillside leads to the light!

Their view extended down the hillside divided into brown and green squares of cultivated fields.

The houses rise in terraces up the sharp hillside fronting the harbor, which was literally a forest of fishing-boat masts.

They hesitated some time, but at last walked slowly down the hillside to the lake.

The church is picturesquely situated on the hillside, with an avenue of fine yew trees leading from the gate to the door.

The old house stood out boldly on the hillside, while the wide-stretching park-lands were plainly to be seen.

I saw the trunk curling back and creeping up to me like a python crawling up a hillside to coil around its prey.

An hour passed, and it was growing dark when Weston scrambled up the hillside empty-handed.

A few yards away, the hillside fell almost precipitously for perhaps a thousand feet to the tops of the pines below.

The jangling of small gate-bells made the hillside merry for an instant, then busy silence again took possession.