Hilltop [adverb]

Definition of Hilltop:

in the open air

Synonyms of Hilltop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hilltop:


Sentence/Example of Hilltop:

Each tiny tree was a plume of leaves; the rows stretched out to the hilltop, and over.

Laura and Jess Morse were on the hilltop, looking out upon the white track over which the sleighs were flying.

I called an escort and we galloped five miles to a hilltop overlooking the sea.

The vast castle loomed black upon the hilltop, not a spark visible about it.

The scene represents a forest of heavy trees on a hilltop in eastern Pennsylvania.

As the hilltop was exposed to view, they retired behind to where a tiny brooklet started amid a clump of date palms.

Mrs. Clemens, in her letters, had never failed to dwell on her hunger for that fair hilltop.

Long before Bobby's day the well-to-do had fled from the Cowgate wynds to the hilltop streets and open squares about the colleges.

There on the hilltop, interceding, looking down with tenderest compassion, watching every effort of the toiling rowers.

A little later I joined her in Redding, and she was the first of the family to see that beautiful hilltop.