Hindering [verb]

Definition of Hindering:

prevent, slow down

Synonyms of Hindering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hindering:

Sentence/Example of Hindering:

A similar uptick in the coming days could again hinder Maryland’s ability to start on-field preparation for Hoosiers.

Apple customers have asked a California federal court to give final approval to a class settlement calling for the company to pay between $310 million and $500 million to resolve allegations it hindered the battery performance of older iPhones.

“Attempts to hinder voters from casting ballots by spreading misinformation is illegal and will not be tolerated,” James noted.

This may result in creating pages about very similar topics or an excess of content and pages that are hard to maintain and difficult for users to navigate, ultimately hindering the experience you were trying to improve in the first place.

Another flu season could strain hospitals further, hindering their ability to treat a surge of Covid-19 patients.

The iconic ballot measure that passed more than 30 years ago capped the growth of property taxes, which progressives say put an artificial cap on revenue that has hindered educational progress.

At the same time, widespread adoption is hindered by issues such as spotty internet and insurance companies unwilling to reimburse for teledentistry procedures.

YouTube’s ban is an attempt to stamp out the conspiracy without hindering the massive volume of news and political commentary on its service.

An outer face fabric that’s treated with a water-repellant coating or equipped with a water-resistant or waterproof membrane can eliminate the need for an additional shell layer, but it typically hinders breathability.

With the early lack of knowledge, however, various conspiracy theories were disseminated, and belief in these conspiracies still hinders mask-wearing and other behaviors that can prevent the spread of the disease.