Hinders [verb]

Definition of Hinders:

prevent, slow down

Synonyms of Hinders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hinders:

Sentence/Example of Hinders:

Let me undeceive those who think thus, and let them go on reading, if nothing but such a fear hinders them.

Naturally the question of marriage arose at once, and, if nothing hinders it, our wedding is to take place in the summer.

As the sex organs are also the channels for the elimination of waste, exaggerated modesty often hinders discussion.

It hinders others who are clearer intellectually: they see and despise the mistakes, and are not inspired by the purpose.

What hinders these women from rushing to the help of one another, just as two drops of water on a leaf rush together and make one?

The imagination also sometimes hinders this process by the constant presentation of its foolish combinations to the common sense.

In Epic and other poetry relying only on words, the effort to turn them into a picture hinders their prompt action.

All these Aetius particularly handles, showing that the womb is shut three manner of ways, which hinders conception.

What hinders, though, that we have a bottle of Rhenish now, even though the vintage be younger than you say?

Unreasonable fear hinders usefulness, destroys peace, and prevents our glorifying God.