Hindsight [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hindsight:

Thanks to historical hindsight, though, the new film manages to find the perspective necessary to make it not only possible to give “Boys” another look, but to make it worth the effort.

I checked on Shemar a couple of times during the spring, but, in hindsight, I was too willing to let the lockdown serve as an excuse to hunker down with my own kids, who were doing online learning at other Baltimore public schools.

With the luxury of hindsight and reading a few postmortems, it’s easy to understand why the first Avatar game was a complicated project that left a mixed bag of possible interpretations on the table.

In hindsight, Sonstegard says his team’s only mistake was not properly screening for the plasmid to begin with.

In hindsight, I don’t feel like this was a failure, but I had to get creative to find an alternative.

Do you, in the light of hindsight, perhaps, do you have any feeling now that he was secreting that weapon on your premises?

With brilliant hindsight some of them tell us that more than a dozen civilizations have gone down into the darkness before us.

Is that routine prescribed, should it be prescribed do you think now in the light of hindsight in this situation?

I'm mostly stronger on hindsight than I am on foresight, but this hyar's onct I sorta lined 'em both up an' got a good bead.

His foresight was beginning to loom, his hindsight was not clean, and he knew that would make him shoot high.