Hinged [verb]

Definition of Hinged:

be contingent on

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Sentence/Example of Hinged:

I choose a beautiful set of strap hinges for my doors, to give my shed a distinctive look.

The post Bleacher Report is drafting a commerce strategy that’s growth plan hinges on fan fervor for exclusive merchandise appeared first on Digiday.

Don’t worry, this won’t damage the coating of your lenses or the hinges of your frames.

Instead of tying the mask around your wrist or sticking it in your pocket, this chain borrows from the same concept as chains for eyeglasses, using hinge closures around the face mask straps to keep it securely around your neck.

It took the nonprofit a month to put her bedroom door back on the hinges, she said.

This wasn’t in the plan, but I also cut a section out of my sleeping platform, popped a piano hinge on it, and created another accessible storage area.

The success of any business — large or small — hinges on its ability to plan for the future.

According to the company, it holds more than 50 individual patents pertaining to the X1 Fold, most of which have to do with the hinge that helps it open and close.

Human life hinges on many forms of external digestion using fungi, from alcohol, to soy sauce, to vaccines, to penicillin, to the citric acid used in all fizzy drinks.

The phone still folds down the middle like a book using interior hinges, includes compatibility with superfast 5G networks, and retails at a starting price of $2,000.