Hinging [noun]

Definition of Hinging:

pivot, turning point

Synonyms of Hinging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hinging:


Sentence/Example of Hinging:

India’s mass immunisation plan for Covid-19 hinges on some of the lowest-paid workers in its healthcare system.

Irrespective of the type of business you run, the future growth of your business hinges on one thing – your customer acquisition strategy.

As an example, he contrasted a door hinge and a hinge of another sort—the ear of a house pet.

The health of our local economy hinges on the health of San Diegans.

The legality of this sale hinges on whether the home was purchased at fair market value.

The screen has a 360-degree swivel hinge allowing use to pivot from laptop to tablet.

Part of the rationale behind the investment, says Yoonkee Sull, a principal for Iconiq who led the deal, hinges on the rise in male grooming in recent years.

Be sure to check that you’re buying hinges that support the particular weight of your door.

Never did events of the utmost magnitude hinge on incidents so trivial to the community at large.

Laidlaw threw his heavy bulk against the door, burst lock and hinge, and sent it flat on the garret floor.