Hinted [noun]

Definition of Hinted:

indication; suggestion

Opposite/Antonyms of Hinted:

Sentence/Example of Hinted:

While convalescent plasma appears safe, and there are hints that it may help people in early stages of the disease, not enough data have been amassed to say that the treatment is effective, some experts warn.

A hint at what spurs such slayings lies in the hyenas’ ranks.

Cook and other executives have dropped hints that Apple wants make a big splash in the field of augmented reality, which uses phone screens or high-tech eyewear to paint digital images into the real world.

To an optimist, any hint of success means that there must be a pony in here somewhere.

Raptors coach Nick Nurse teased reporters the day before the game with hints of a mystery defense, and what he unveiled was pretty unusual indeed.

The organisms not only challenge what scientists thought they knew about life’s energy needs, but hint at new ways of defining what life is and where we might find it.

In that study, there was no benefit — and maybe a hint of harm — for patients who don’t need extra oxygen to breathe.

The researchers detected a hint of a second planet near the disk’s outer edge.

Like always, they didn’t reveal how the update works and only shared some vague hints, and that was all we needed.

As Years and Years hints at, technological progress doesn’t only affect gender identity.