Hinting [verb]

Definition of Hinting:

suggest; indicate

Synonyms of Hinting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hinting:

Sentence/Example of Hinting:

Is Mr. Zubly hinting at independence even before the King has replied to the petition?

The dust in the curtains, if you will pardon me for hinting such a thing, has parched my throat to a crisp.

They found themselves hinting that he should engage in politics as well, when his probationary years were over.

But she had hinted before to-day's annoyances; she was hinting again.

No, they haven't said just that, Gordon; but they're hinting, and I don't like it.

Joseph Masner, formerly a rival, went about hinting and shrugging; all to no purpose, you find boys born to be chiefs.

"The Ingins must have one or two canoes," suggested Hastings, hinting at a scheme that had assumed form in his mind.

The bulging packet seemed to press against Mayo's ribs, insistently hinting at its power to help.

Or he would always be finding fault—more than hinting that the other was not worth his salt.

Maybe it was from her, hinting to see him again, and that is what has put this plan into his head.