Hints [noun]

Definition of Hints:

indication; suggestion

Opposite/Antonyms of Hints:

Sentence/Example of Hints:

The obeying of several hints, of secret impulses, argues great wisdom.

These disseminated them to the people, with proper commentaries, in dark hints and distant observations.

No further hints need be offered except perhaps in regard to the last ten lines of the last stanza.

You are not the first that has picked up my hints, and stuck fast in their execution.

I don't approve of women giving such broad hints to us men folk.

It happened, however, that the "Hints" went far beyond anything the Government had in mind.

This manner of expressing themselves in hints and negations must have greatly sharpened the wits of the Scotch.

Although it is impossible, within the limits of this little volume, to give many hints upon riding, a few may not be amiss.

At the period for which these hints are intended, the Modern Languages should form a portion of acquirement.

But there were hints of interesting things in the letter, and Bill kept it a day or so for re-reading.