Hips [noun]

Definition of Hips:

small fruit

Synonyms of Hips:










Opposite/Antonyms of Hips:


Sentence/Example of Hips:

Along the corridor he went with a lithe, silent step, moving from the hips and swinging his shoulders.

The water constantly reached above my hips, and all idea of getting dry again was totally out of the question.

The American was dressed after the fashion prevailing in the hills, and had a couple of revolvers dangling at his hips.

He was a little German princeling, with a pretty moustache, and rounded hips.

He put his hands on his broad hips, ignoring the bandaged wrist where that copper's bullet had got him.

He stood back, finally, with his hands on his hips, and stared at the engine and shook his head slowly twice.

Shoulders and hips grew sore, backs ached, and feet grew lame.

About the other's narrow hips was slung a belt from which hung pouches and tools the primitive colonist could not evaluate.

She had been busy with her bundle, but stopped now and stood erect before me, her hands on her hips.

She had hollowed out a place for my hips to lie more easily, and pulled grasses for my bed.