Hired [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hired:

An old Indian woman, the same whose house they had hired in Saboba, had come up to live with Ramona.

But what if I catch the fish by using a hired boat and a hired net, or by buying worms as bait from some one who has dug them?

He hired an engine to plow all his land that was not prepared, besides renting a little more, and also took a flier in wheat.

There is an implied obligation on the hirer's part to use the car only for the purpose and in the manner for which it was hired.

She's been hired out a spell in Jacksonville,—nuss to a little gal, and now she's gwine home.

John he can get more work out of a hired man 'an anybody else I ever saw, an' he does it by feedin' 'em.

It is best to send out your invitations by your own servant, or one hired for that purpose especially.

The hired man, who stayed with the Sitzes all the year around, was a comical genius and the boys knew him well.

There was no confusion, and already the hired men were busy with two great machines until Winston displaced two of them.

Dane turned and laughed at him as he signed to one of the Ontario hired men to take the near horse's head.