Hirelings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hirelings:

And it was only last night that he had seen Goritz's fellow assassin and hireling.

What a difference there is between him who enters on a labor of love and the hireling who works for pay!

She knew by this time that Jotan had nothing to do with her abduction; no hireling of his would dare handle her so roughly.

The Old Baptists had long been declaiming against college-bred preachers and a hireling ministry.

Who ransomed thy sire, my noble steed, from the galling yoke of an hireling?

You're a capitalistic hireling sent out here to oppress the poor workingman.

But Winona had neglected to observe that he would meet them not as a social equal but as a hireling.

In England, it is generally understood to mean pay given to a state hireling for treason to his country.

Here for the first time they listened to "hireling ministry" and to a formal church service with music.

This was virtually to treat him as a hireling instead of an ally.