Hissed [verb]

Definition of Hissed:

make buzzing sound; ridicule

Synonyms of Hissed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hissed:

Sentence/Example of Hissed:

"Saperlotte," he hissed, and his out-stretched hand touched the pale blue domino on the shoulder.

She hissed at him angrily, and made a threatening gesture with her hands, which sent him slinking back to the darkness.

The boys hissed every attempt of their sisters at a romantic name, and then Harry wanted it to be Atalantis!

The fighting snakes hissed and thumped about, wound about each other like a braided rope.

The merchants of people have hissed at thee: thou art brought to nothing, and thou shalt never be any more.

"You infernal villain, if you don't surrender, I'll blow your brains out," hissed his lordship.

Already several had hissed close by him, one had gashed the forehead of his horse, and another had pierced his clothing.

On the long, wooded island, round which the mighty river hissed and murmured, five men were stationed at various points.

In the silence of the room the damp logs hissed like whispering voices.

As the outer door closed and air hissed into the lock, Kent and the rest removed their helmets.