Hissing [verb]

Definition of Hissing:

make buzzing sound; ridicule

Synonyms of Hissing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hissing:

Sentence/Example of Hissing:

On his loins was a lion of great fierceness, and coiled round his waist was a hissing mamba (snake).

The gander came towards them, stretching out his neck, and hissing loudly.

Black Hood fell back from the door, staggered by his first contact with that hissing gray hell.

Very carefully, Jess explained again which word said see, hissing like a huge snake to show him how the s sounded.

After the adagio from the First Symphony—also included in the programme—even a slight hissing was heard.

I wandered on, heavy sniping hissing over my head or into the parapet, covering me with clay occasionally.

To the left and below was the river, roaring, hissing, and foaming through its chevaux-de-frise of rocks.

The noise must be deafening, Rick knew, but only a low rumble and an occasional hissing could be heard in the plane.

When she returned a poisonous snake crawled hissing away, and she found the other poor little child had been bitten and was dead.

This was no high-pitched fluting from aliens deprived of their sport, but a hissing nightmare cry.