Historians [noun]

Definition of Historians:

student of history

Synonyms of Historians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Historians:

Sentence/Example of Historians:

The English embassies had historians whose narratives may still be read with interest.

They may be of great interest to antiquarians and historians; but by myself, I candidly admit, they were not much valued.

Historians even are not agreed as to the origin of the famous device: Honi soit qui mal y pense.

The disinterested historians state ingenuously that Joanna was not guilty of this crime, although the others accuse her of it.

The obscurity is so great that, quite recently, grave and conscientious historians have admitted Montecuculi's innocence.

It is so subtle a perception that even seasoned historians seldom have the power of imparting it.

She showed a consummate perfidy toward Diane de Poitiers, to which historians have not given due attention.

Xenophon is the last of the trio of the Greek historians whose writings are classic and inimitable.

It is extraordinary that historians have mistaken one of the wiliest schemes of the great queen for uncertainty and hesitation!

Though the English historians all concur in her praise, they seem to know very little of her.