Histrionic [adjective]

Definition of Histrionic:

overly dramatic

Synonyms of Histrionic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Histrionic:


Sentence/Example of Histrionic:

This rare merit even the most fastidious critic must allow: but her histrionic essay is, in another respect, equally remarkable.

She has inherited the histrionic gift from her mother—from me.

Histrionic art always and everywhere suffers from the ephemeral conditions under which it has to be externalised.

In the midst of her histrionic triumphs, Mlle. Clairon continued her career of gallantry.

Here she trained a number of aspirants to histrionic fame, several of whom were destined to make their mark in years to come.

Sadie was weeping into her black-bordered handkerchief, nor were they the tears of histrionic talent.

The histrionic presentation of a play is not, strictly speaking, a vocal interpretation, nor an interpretation by action.

He was not only naturally eloquent, but histrionic too; in speeches and sermons he acted while he spoke.

This blacksmith cub was there, and the histrionic poison entered his bones.

The very fact that he spoke with a complete freedom from anything histrionic presented a contrast which amazed.