Hits [noun]

Definition of Hits:

strike, bump

Synonyms of Hits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hits:





Sentence/Example of Hits:

Surely, 'his reckoning hits so hideous' would be a most clumsy expression.

It is the words of those "hits" that form the chief target for criticism expressed to this Committee.

The conductor is energetic and efficient, wields his baton in a lively manner, but hits nobody with it.

Liszt wrote a rejoinder in which he failed to justify himself, but succeeded in giving the poor savant some hard hits.

"And connects with a few hits himself, now and then," added Matt dryly.

He couldn't be burdened with learning about hits and errors or even the thing called a home run.

That's why it kind of hits me right where I live, having this thing go on the rocks.

It is full of "local hits," which are not lost upon the audience.

Stop thrusts and hits with a half volte would be useful to you.

“Uncle Jep says this ought to stop anything it hits,” she declared.