Hiving [verb]

Definition of Hiving:

collect and put aside

Synonyms of Hiving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hiving:

Sentence/Example of Hiving:

There, they pasted small blobs and specks of dung around hive entrances.

Another approach is to swarm the exterior of a hive, after which the mass of bees does the “wave” — a coordinated series of rippling movements.

Now researchers have found a genetic link to the hypersensitivity, which, while rarely fatal, can cause hives, wheezing, arrythmias and more.

He leaned into Champs’ reputation as a social hive for college students, reducing his inventory of expensive craft beers and loading up on liquor.

When honeybee hives die, the most common cause is something called queen bee failure.

The first time old Deacon Gibson, a local preacher, had been hiving a swarm of bees when Nicodemus arrived on the scene.

We meantime will gather up a few strays that even under these circumstances appear worth hiving.

There was a dull murmurous commotion afar off, such as bees make when they are hiving.

When the bees cluster again on the tree, the process of hiving must be repeated.

Clement feared nothing, but he had seen few face a hiving without some distrust.