Hoarder [noun]

Definition of Hoarder:

person who hoards money, possessions

Synonyms of Hoarder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hoarder:

Sentence/Example of Hoarder:

In his life's story there were no paragraphs that old Maddy was a hoarder of gold or a promoter or exploiter of things found.

He seems to have deviated from the common practice; to have been a hoarder in his first years, and a squanderer in his last.

Henriette often declares that he acts as if he were afraid of starving—he is such a hoarder for "rainy days."

The commercial hoarder, who had a regular business besides and kept his books accordingly, was too much for these men.

Now that God may shew his dislike against this, he doth, as it were, license the people to curse such an hoarder up.

Our hoarder appears as a martyr of exchange value, a holy ascetic crowning the metal pillar.

There have been those who have condemned the hoarder in the roundest of terms.

No purchasers at execution sales but the creditor, or some hoarder of money.

But he now became what a young and gay Irishman seldom is--a hoarder of his earnings.

Fafnir in the allegory becomes a capitalist; but Fafnir in the legend is a mere hoarder.