Hoarfrost [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hoarfrost:

She crossed the castle-yard to the wood-cellar, her steps printing the thick hoarfrost.

Not till I saw what looked like hoarfrost dropping from the side of the Fall was the problem explained.

The sun had climbed the sky, burning up the hoarfrost and mist, so that the houses opposite had become clearly discernible.

Only the hoarfrost-resisting flower, as the Chinese call the chrysanthemum, is undimmed, the Chinamen's coats as gay.

Birds awoke in the woods, and hoarfrost lay white on the crisped grasses.

In winter this forest is left to the snow and hoarfrost, and cold, cairn beauty holds it fast for many days.

It was shrewdly chill in the grey November morning, a hoarfrost lying white on the fields.

All the grass and ground vegetation was white with hoarfrost.

He prayed for frost, and hoarfrost settled that night on its branches.

"It is bright as hoarfrost on the slopes and tops there," said Nod, pointing.