Hobble [verb]

Definition of Hobble:


Synonyms of Hobble:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hobble:

Let go








Sentence/Example of Hobble:

When the flames began to bite on one side he could hobble around the post to the opposite side.

A little longer let me live, I pray—A little longer hobble round thy door.

You get us into a precious hobble through sheer wanton foolery, and then you expect me to like it.

You know about as much of a motor boat as a pig knows of the hobble skirt.

Our people when they are in a hobble always like to employ him, though he is somewhat dear.

The tone of command in which he spoke seemed to act like a charm on the old doctor, for he turned at once to hobble from the room.

However, the effect is magnificent, and he can now hobble about camp and be useful to a certain extent.

I've got the cramp in my feet so that I can't hobble, but the moment I yield, and take to the path again, it's gone.

Throughout life the fashion-cursed girl and woman must hobble around on mere stumps.

In the lines quoted above the arrival of the "hobble" or "harem" skirt is foreshadowed.