Hobo [noun]

Definition of Hobo:

homeless person

Synonyms of Hobo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hobo:


Sentence/Example of Hobo:

Right now, the area’s most famous feathered hobo is a painted bunting.

Then as Hobo took his stand where he could view proceedings, the boy turned abruptly to Peggy.

Hobo growled softly, the hair on his neck bristling and giving him a peculiarly savage appearance.

She marched out into the kitchen, Hobo following, and as she reached the door, the knocking began for the third time.

Hobo stretched himself upon the folded rug with a groan startlingly human.

The "Hobo" is that part of a prison where the minor offenders are confined together in a large iron cage.

"The Hobo—" He fixed his eyes on my Spencer and ran along the titles while he cast his definition.

Hobo miners, the most expert of their craft, and begging their grub on the trail!

Down-stairs the girls looked at one another aghast, and Hobo whined uneasily, as if asking permission to interfere.

Hobo, too, made his appearance, and he alone of the company gave no sign of mental disturbance.