Hogback [noun]

Definition of Hogback:

raised part of solid

Synonyms of Hogback:

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Sentence/Example of Hogback:

Seward Mountain, seen from a distance of ten or fifteen miles, looked like a hogback ridge.

Campote is completely surrounded by mountains, the hogback dropping off into the valley below us.

The first land he encountered was a high hogback of rock which proved to be an island.

If we'd pitched the tents up on the hogback, that's all we'd a been in for.

Changing the subject, he said, "I wish you could see the valley from that hogback over to the west."

The boy mounted and led the other two horses down the hogback in the scanty timber to the head of the grade.

So it was past noon when he finally reached the hogback where the outstanding event of the morning had taken place.

The gaze of the man on the ridge was concentrated on the bit of road which showed on the hogback and the slope beyond.

After he had passed the cabin, Rathburn checked his pace and proceeded more slowly up the long stretches of road to the hogback.

On the hogback he began to take advantage of the screen of timber on the lower side of the road, and to ride more cautiously.