Hogging [verb]

Definition of Hogging:

be selfish

Synonyms of Hogging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hogging:


Sentence/Example of Hogging:

Another group date, a roast, featured the other men ripping into Moss for being an attention hog.

I know I had many faults as a room-mate, but I believe my habit of selfishly hogging the bathroom was the worst.

The fact still remains that Epsilon had better be habitable or Pan-Asia will scream we're hogging it.

This is known as the "hogging down" method of harvesting corn.

"I think the way you two fellows are hogging the Ys and captaincies around here is disgraceful," complained the Codfish one night.

To bend or give way from heavy weight; to press down towards the middle; the opposite of hogging.

Having done this to their satisfaction they untied the hogging ropes and allowed the steers to gain their feet.

Lying hogging there, lolling and loafing in bed, as if he had all day to finish nothing in!

She was so weak that she supported herself against a rock; at last she rolled on her back, hogging the dog in her fore paws.

We sit back and roast the trusts to a fare-you-well for hogging all there is in sight.