Hoisting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hoisting:

The slings were affixed, the order to hoist was given by the mate, who had descended from the poop, and stood near the gangway.

If with the Vice-Admiral he will hoist a white flag at the end of the gaff or derrick, and fire two guns.

Harvey, without further notice of his companion, proceeded to hoist the sail a little so that he could take two reefs in it.

I will make a windlass as soon as I can, and we will soon hoist out another, like they turn a bucket of water up from a well.

I know 'em all, for I took care of their hall,—their armory,—and they made me hoist the flag one day union down.

One of my servants found a well fifty feet deep, from which the bucket hoist and ropes were missing.

Some simply leave them in the water, because they are too lazy to hoist them up.

When they went to hoist him over the ship's side they discovered that he was dead.

It has stopped because I arranged with the engineer at the hoist to have it stop.

Afloat, afloat, in a golden boat!Hoist the sail to the breeze!