Hokey [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hokey:

Here is the poorer Italian colony; organ-grinders, ice-cream-barrow-men, "hokey-pokey" sellers, and their like.

They both laughed, feeling like mischievous children who had played a successful trick on the hokey-pokey man.

Hokey Pokey stepped lightly forward, and dropped the round loaf down the great red throat.

"Hokey, dokey," said Ishie and crawled out of the narrow aperture with the agility of a monkey.

He had scarcely opened the door when he started back in surprise, exclaiming: "By hokey, if there isn't a basket on the steps!"

I didn't notice anything except a hokey-pokey seller, adding his mite to the infant mortality of the district.

We look up in the air where it's comin' from, and holy hokey if fallin' right out of the sky ain't this round iron thing!

I wish you could a seen Judy White's face, for by the living hokey, if it didn't turn five hundred colours in a minit.

We'll buy 'em from the Spaniards, sir, with our gold; if we can't buy 'em sir, by hokey!

Hot gauffrette and hokey-pokey venders are always near at hand.