Holders [noun]

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With time this land had mounted to great values and the holders had been made well-to-do thereby.

The three banks thereupon opened their doors and satisfied the note-holders, ordinary business being, meanwhile, suspended.

He elbowed, criticised, scolded and toadied to Clement Chardin des Lupeaulx and other office-holders.

It was in front of these doors that Mata now placed two lighted candles in tall bronze holders.

Exactly fifteen minutes later, the voting officially ends and only ballot holders at this time are allowed to cast their vote.

The holders of this convenient doctrine were in the habit of presenting themselves in their households as naked as they were born.

Nearly the whole of the pew holders are factory people; not above six or seven of them find employment outside of mills.

The legs are made of two lengths of wire, of sufficient stiffness, and are shaped to form holders for lead pencils and penholders.

The magazine is easily slipped into these holders, and the whole presents a tidy appearance.

Where the strain is not too great the holders may be used without a cleat, making an effective flat fastening.