Holed [verb]

Definition of Holed:

clear, expose; spread

Synonyms of Holed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Holed:

Sentence/Example of Holed:

In August, one of the cables that holds up the dome slipped out of a socket and punched a hole in the dish.

He said Lions quarterback Matt Stafford had found “the honey hole” in Washington’s defense.

Its decommission will create a hole in radio astronomy, but many other instruments should be able to pick up where Arecibo left off.

The Warriors have a hole at center and a desire to reenter the West’s contender class.

It pokes some significant holes in the fundamental assumptions we’ve been making.

Others slash a hole in a toad’s stomach, shove their heads in and gorge on organs and tissues.

There may be no topping the hole-in-one off Louis Oosthuizen’s 7-iron at the 2016 Masters.

San Diegans have spoken, cracking a hole in the dike that was a 48-year rule against building anything taller than three stories along the coast.

Streaming video that follows specific players or groups and real-time shot-tracker data available on the tour’s platforms will eventually make it easy to bet on virtually every aspect of a tournament, including individual holes and shots.

Harrison, signed to a one-year deal in October, has experience at second, at third, in right and in left, giving the Nationals flexibility with their remaining holes.