Holes [noun]

Definition of Holes:

opening in a solid object

Synonyms of Holes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Holes:

Sentence/Example of Holes:

Anyway there was a lot of embroidery on it, full of little holes, which somehow contrived to be extraordinarily fetching.

The melody or tune is played on one of the pipes furnished with holes for the purpose, while the other three give a drone, bass.

The sound holes may have been traced down and even the upper and lower circular holes bored.

Closing the holes again and blowing harder, we get the scale an octave higher.

The six holes being closed by the fingers, the ground tone of the tube is produced.

Many instruments have had the sound holes spoiled and the surface of the wood inside gored by unskilful tampering with the post.

As well as about the Vale ponds, the Kingfisher breeds in holes in the rocks all round the Island.

In this case, the holes in the tracker bar are made smaller than usual and they are staggered--or arranged in two rows.

Every evenly numbered hole is kept on the lower row, and the oddly numbered holes are raised up to form a second row.

The road was execrable; full of holes, pits, and puddles, in which our poor beasts often sank above their knees.