Holistic [adjective]

Definition of Holistic:

complete, whole

Synonyms of Holistic:

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Sentence/Example of Holistic:

Like viewers of a pointillist painting, state- and district-level decision-makers see a holistic picture, grounded in legislation, local politics, assessment trends, and parent advocacy.

Enabling a holistic approach to content drives impact and engagementIf teams and content creators are not aligned on overarching goals, they could be wasting their time creating assets that aren’t useful to the overall campaign.

Founded in 2019, Sofia Health is a digital platform for connecting prospective patients with physicians and specialists in western, alternative, and holistic medicine.

The understanding that these problems require holistic solutions has only grown amid the pandemic and its fallout.

Netflix has produced diversity reports every quarter since 2013, but this week it released its first inclusion report, meant to be a holistic look at rates of recruitment, retention, and promotion of underrepresented groups at the streaming company.

Duff Stewart said marketing and advertising companies need to move away from thinking of D&I merely in terms of hiring targets, incorporating employee resource groups and D&I training as part of a holistic strategy.

In principle, a complete connectome would contain all the information necessary to provide a solid base on which to build a holistic understanding of the brain.

So, applying this to your web presence means that, unless you look at the whole holistic experience, you will miss the core objective of your website.

Andean cultures possess a holistic worldview that encompasses humans, plants, animals, the land, rivers, mountains, rain, snow and, of course, llamas.

How you continually support one another from insight sharing to process optimization is the key to holistic digital marketing.